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The Monetek Method

Because our primary service is R&D tax credit studies, our services complement those provided by our clients’ accounting and tax advisors. Monetek has a unique blend of talented professionals, including CPAs, tax specialists, accountants and technical consultants. Our extensive knowledge and broad range of industry experience helps us to better understand your research efforts and identify where opportunities exist. We focus on education and communication in all we do.

Our Methodology
The Monetek Method


To support our clients’ tax credit claims, Monetek establishes a detailed technology-based record of the qualifying expenditures.

Case Studies

Monetek offers companies of all sizes a unique mix of expertise to find and document more R&D.

Experts in taxation, accounting, engineering and technical writing.

The Monetek team has identified and documented R&D expenditures for companies with annual revenue in excess of $1 billion+ and also for firms with less than $5 million in annual revenue.


Dollars Identified & Documented R&D Expenditures

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Unlock Tax Benefits with Monetek LLC

Are you maximizing your R&D tax credits? At Monetek, we specialize in optimizing business research and development tax credits. Our dedicated team understands the complexities of tax law and how to navigate them to ensure you receive the maximum benefits available. With our tailored R&D tax credit services, we help you uncover opportunities to reduce your tax liability while fueling innovation and growth.

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Does your company innovate to improve its processes or its products? Most likely, you are already making investments in time and money that qualify for credits. Why not claim them? Businesses large and small can qualify for the credit. Whether you design, develop, improve, manufacture or program, an initial assessment will get you on your way to learning whether you qualify.


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